//Winter treats

Winter treats

Winter is the time to get cozy indoors and indulge in a little comfort food.

Our winter treats are sure to fit the bill!

  • Try an authentic Italian thick hot chocolate. If you’ve never tried one before, you are in for an experience. The hot chocolate is served in an espresso cup with just a dash of whipped cream, crushed chocolate and a marshmallow on the side.  It is liquid enough to be drunk but is also thick enough to eat with a spoon. It’s like eating melted chocolate!  We offer this take-away too 🙂
  • Our fresh home-made soups are not only nutritious but also absolutely delicious.  What better way to warm up? We use only the freshest local produce and you can really taste the flavours of the vegetables and the health benefits of wholesome REAL food.  We serve it with a free stone-baked bread roll and you get a complete filling and nutritious meal for less than $10.  Ask for the soup of the day.
  • Everybody loves a croissant. These delicate flaky pastries are one of the most amazing french inventions ever.  We serve it with home-made jam and tassie butter curls, or if you want more of a meal: double smoked ham, cheese and wholegrain mustard.  These are becoming a firm favourite with locals, come in and see what all the fuss is about.
  • Hot raisin toast would have to be one of the ultimate winter warmers, and our raisin toast is EXTRA thick and extra delicioius.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to one of our expertly-made coffees and great for a light snack in your busy day.


Come in and relax in the warmth and charm of a Fudge’n’Good Coffee. We have FREE wifi and we’re always happy to welcome you 🙂 See you soon!

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